Work Desk

New added later

Till not done though. I need to make small shelves for it.

Work in progress


This is the most jigs built for a project I've done because I'm using only old pieces of wood that have been kicking around my workshop for years. The purpose of this project is simply not to just go buy a piece of wood I can cut and fit into place, then having smaller pieces of wood laying around after the job is done. The purpose is to recycle and use stuff someone else would just put in the garbage. Its more of a challenge having limited material. You have to think ahead many steps before you cut any piece of wood so you can use the whole piece because you are going to need the rest. Plus its cheaper. 

Shelving unit in my kitchen

Shelves from old deck wood and pipe. There not touching the wall.

Blue Bird Houses


Coffee Table

The wife wanted a counter in the kitchen

Almost finish. Stay tune.

My home table

A coupIe of years ago...

  I was working with a deck company and I made these doors...Just did post up the pics.

Winter Sanding

I don't do to much of this in the cold but I'm almost finished my latest peace.


Modern - Small Bathroom


Wall Mounted Unit and Mobile Bar

Wall Mounted Storage Unit - Ideal For Keeping Keys and Mail.

Mobile Bar With Tray. Great For Small Spaces.

Asian Style Hutch. 2 Different Sizes

Living Room Table

This table was made from birch and stained solid black. A center hole covered with glass can be used to display seasonal d├ęcor.